Sheex Review 2021 – Is It Comfortable Enough?

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Sheex is the talk of the town these days. Sheex is a company that offers us sheets and mattress basically bedding made from a synthetic fabric engineered specifically to enhance your Comfortable Sleep quality. So I am going to do full Sheex Review in detail to help you understand if it is really worth your money.

Let’s get started but before we go to reviewing the products, I want you all to know the story behind starting this company and why Sheex chose this unique fabric.

Sheex Review

Sheex Review 2021– Is It Worth Your Money?

Sheex Overview

Sleep is like the most important thing and our energy and efficiency during the day depends on the kind of sleep that we get. So before reviewing Sheex I want to start with the story of Sheex as it is very important that we get to know how they came to this idea of making  “performance” bedding.

So as we all know Sheex is a US-based company founded by Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak. Both of them were women’s football coaches at the  University of South Carolina. So one evening after a tiring coaching session one of them suddenly noticed how comfortable she felt in athletics. So she suggested her friend let’s make “performance” bedding from this material and her friend instantly agreed. So this is how Sheex was born.

Sheex Company Review

 The reason why they decided to make bedding from athletic gear is that sports clothing is extremely comfortable, breathable, and has amazing moisture absorption abilities. The fabric makes the difference so Susan and Michelle thought why not make bedding and mattresses with the same material. 

Since now we know the story of Sheex let us see what products they offer us.

Products Available with Sheex

When I first visited the website I was not expecting such a wide range of products. I had read about the sheets on Sheex amazon reviews as they are quite popular but then I came across a lot of products. I was quite surprised by the range of products they offer; they have an amazing variety of products.

They don’t only offer bedding and sheets but also mattresses and sleepwear to enhance your sleep. As we all know our sleep quality is dependent on a lot of factors like on what we sleep i.e. our mattress, sheets, pillowcase, etc. What we wear also matters a lot. We should be able to move around comfortably in our clothes. 

A major issue that a lot of people face while sleeping is after some time due to high body temperature the clothes and bedding become hot which leads to sleep disruption. Such kinds of sleepers are called “hot sleepers”.  And I am one of them and believe me guys this is a major issue as waking up in the middle of the night is extremely irritating. I had been on the search for cool bedding for a long time and Sheex was a Boone for me. 

Sheex promises temperature controlling, breathable bedding and they stay true to their words. The fabric used is a technical fabric made especially for sleep enhancement. A lot of research was done for the same. The company has come a long way from “let’s make bedding from athletic gear” to offering one of the best bedding for ‘hot sleepers’. 

I want you all to get a clear idea of all the products in detail so here we go.

Product description

  • Beddings-

What comes under Bedding? So bedding means the sheets that are spread over the mattress. But it doesn’t only contain sheets, it also covers pillowcases, comforters, duvet covers, and coverlets. All these things make your bed look comfortable, cosy, and not to forget luxurious.

Sheex Bedding Sets

Earlier I never used to think that a bed needs all of these things and it doesn’t matter if they don’t match but with time and of course age you start understanding that your bed not only needs to be comfortable but also welcoming.

You should be able to feel homely once you enter the room and look at your bed. I know, I am talking extra passionately about sleep, bedding, and stuff! But in my defense,  I love sleeping and I can sleep anywhere and everywhere, but the kind of sleep I get on a comfortable bed is incomparable. 

And now finally to the products that they offer under Beddings-

  • Sheet sets-

The sheet sets usually consist of one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.  The number and variety of products in your sheet set also depends on the sheet set you are opting for. They offer a variety of sheet sets with a variety of features like Arctic Aire max sheet set which contains Tencel fibers with properties to naturally reduce the growth of bacteria

Sheex sheets separate

Or they also have a sheet set called ECOSHEEX Bamboo origin sheet set made from viscose derived from Bamboos; these sheets also have insulating properties.

So the sizes that the sheet sets are available in are, Twin/Xl which contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and one pillowcase. Queen/Full size which contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two full-size pillowcases and King/Cal size which contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two king-size pillowcases.

  • Pillows

A lot of people are extremely picky about the kind of pillows they need and they should be. Pillowcases need to be comfortable and of perfect size. Some people need fluffy pillows and some need hard ones. A bad pillowcase can hurt your neck. For me, it’s like the mattress may not be of my choice but a pillow is extremely important to me. The right size and fluff in a pillow are of utmost importance. 

Sheex Pillow

Sheex has three types of pillows –

  • Original Performance Down Alternative Stomach/Back Sleeper Pillow-

Hey, all the back/stomach sleepers this is the ideal pillow for you with excellent moisture and temperature control qualities. The pillow also adjusts to your sleeping position.

  • Original Performance Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow-

This one is the ideal one for people who sleep on their side, the side sleeper pillows need to be a little higher for you to find a comfortable position. So this pillow is the perfect fit for you all. This pillow also adjusts to your sleeping position.

  • Tandem Pillow

So all you travelers know how difficult it is to sleep on a flight or during those long waiting hours at airports. You need that sleep to adjust to the new time zone or just to stay fresh. But the seats on the flights are so uncomfortable. A travel pillow is what you all need to catch up on that sleep. Sheex also has this superb travel pillow or TANDEM pillow specially made for us travelers. This pillow is super easy to carry around with you as well.

  • Pillowcases

Your face touches the pillowcase and people with sensitive skin can understand the issue of having a rough pillowcase or a pillowcase that doesn’t suit your skin. I have heard it from a lot of people that they get rashes from pillowcases unsuitable for their skin and it can also lead to skin break out due to the friction between your face and the pillowcase.

 So they have pillowcases made from the same fabric that they use for sheets, you can choose your suitable pillowcase according to your requirement, and as promised all the pillowcases are made from fabric that has temperature insulating properties and also wicks away the moisture. So the types of pillowcases available on the site are as follows-

  1. Original Performance Pillowcases
  2. Ecosheex Bamboo Origin Pillowcases
  3. Experience Pillowcases
  4. Luxury Cooper Pillowcases
  5. Arctic Aire Max Pillowcases
  • Comforters-

Comforters are a significant part of your bedding and for people who live in colder regions, it’s practically impossible to sleep without it. You need that perfect combination of warm, dry, and cozy comforter to sleep comfortably.  But comforters can sometimes become extra warm and sometimes it can also get sweaty due to the heat leading to sleep disruption. 

Sheex Comforters

Sheex has two types of comforters –

  • Original Performance Down Alternative Comforter-

This comforter is made of the same fabric used for Original performance sheets. Goes perfectly with the sheets if you want a full set and it’s also good for separate use.

  • Original Performance All Season Comforter-

You must have guessed from the name that this comforter can be used in all seasons. Just perfect for when you need a comforter but not the usual heavy one. This comforter is also made from the special Sheex fabric known for its cooling properties and it also helps you stay dry all night but at the same time, you do not need to worry about compromising on the coziness.

  • Duvet Covers and Coverlets-

Washing your comforters can be a time-consuming and boring job and comforters are bound to get dirty but it’s a big relief if you don’t have to wash it regularly. Duvet covers are also comforter covers. So you can just use them as a cover on your Comforters and during the summer season, you can just store the comforter in the duvet cover to avoid it from getting dirty. 

But again the covers need to be soft, breathable, and comfortable. Sheex has three types of Duvet covers, they are made of the same fabric used for sheets, they don’t have covers of all types of fabric but three types of fabric used for sheets are utilized. 

Sheex Duvet Covers

They are made of  Original performance, Technical Suede, and One Collection fabrics. You can buy them separately or you can also club it with the sheet sets to make a full set.

According to me, coverlets are simply luxury products, there is no practical use of them on your bed. When you already have all the sheets and the comforter with the duvet covers, I don’t think you really need the coverlets. They are basically not even proper sheets, neither comforters something in between.

But they do add up to the look of your bed. And they also can be used in extremely hot weather when you can’t use the comforter but still need something.  But if you want to have those luxurious looking beds, do buy a coverlet. Sheex offers you one type of coverlet made of Ecosheex fabric used in the Ecosheex sheets. Add some style and class to your bed with the help of this coverlet.

  • Mattress Pads-

Mattresses are costly and they are also very difficult to maintain. You always have to be alert about the wear and tear. Mattress pads can be really helpful in such conditions. They are stiffer than the sheets and are used as protection to your mattress. You put them between the sheets and mattress. If you see some wear and tear in your mattress then also you can use the mattress pads to keep the mattress intact. 

Sheex Mattress Pads

Sheex offers us three types of mattress protectors/pads keeping in mind their motive of a dry, cool, and comfortable sleep. I have read some really good  Sheex reviews on Reddit and Amazon regarding the mattress pads. So I would suggest you all try it so try Sheex basically.

  • Mattresses- 

The most important part of your bedding is the mattress, mattress makes all of the difference. If the mattress is not in accordance with your requirements then it can lead to numerous physical issues and one of the most common issues is back pain. Mattresses should be of perfect size, softness, and also stiffness.

Extra soft mattresses can be harmful to your back as they do not support your spine properly leading to slumping and then back pain. But it’s not only about size and fluffiness. If the mattress heats up due to body temperature or basically the heat gets trapped in your mattress then it can lead to sweating and sleep disruption.

Sheex Mattresses

As a remedy to this problem, Sheex has two unique kinds of mattresses-

  • SHEEX AirStream Max Graphite Cooling Mattress-

Those of you who need firm mattresses, this one is the right one for you. The mattress has a cooling cover and also has a graphite foam to ensure coolness and dryness. 

  • SHEEX Airstream Max Quantum hybrid cooling Mattress-

If you feel extra warm at night this is the perfect mattress for you as it has a hybrid cooling gel in it and this a medium-firm mattress that aligns perfectly with your body.

  • Sleepwear-

I have always been extremely fussy about my nightclothes, these clothes need to be super comfortable. I always preferred cotton made nightclothes as that’s what I have been wearing since my childhood, and the only cotton was considered as the comfortable and ideal fabric for sleeping.

Sheex sleepwear

But when I came across Sheex’s sleepwear collection I was quite stunned, they don’t have a wide range of sleepwear but they certainly have what you need to sleep in. We all need different clothing in different seasons. Sheex has sleepwear for all seasons like- sleeveless tees, shorts, long-sleeved tees They also have some sports clothing.

Let’s have a look at their collection-

  • Women’s-
  1. Modern Jogger
  2. Keyhole sleep tee dress
  3. Cutout Tee
  4. Cross back Cami
  5. Bra top
  6. Boy shorts
  • Men’s-
  1. Short-sleeve tee
  2. Relaxed lounge pant
  3. Modern Jogger
  4. Lounge short
  5. Long-sleeve tee

Features of Sheex Products

Since now you must have gotten a good idea about their products, let us move on to its fabric and other features.  This is an extremely important factor in the success of a company related to clothing and bedding.

The cloth used should not only be comfortable but also durable. We invest a lot of money on expensive products hoping that they will last for a long time. Sheex fabric is more than 80 percent polyester and 10-15 percent spandex and plus some other fibers specific to certain types of sheets.

So let’s see Sheex fares in this department-

  • Durability-

Durability is extremely important. Sheex products are quite expensive and if they don’t last long then that would be quite a letdown wouldn’t it? But you don’t have to worry about this as Sheex sheets are quite long-lasting. The problem regarding durability is not only with wear and tear, but the basic issue is also shrinkage.

As you all must have experienced all-cotton sheets are prone to shrinkage, that’s why when I buy cotton clothes or sheets I usually buy them in one size bigger so that when they shrink they will fit perfectly. But with Sheex products, you don’t have to worry about shrinkage as the fabric used for these products is Polyester and Spandex which is usually shrinkage free. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it is not prone to normal wear and tear. 

  • Stretchability-

When you buy bedding and specifically sheets stretchability is essential. Sheex fares quite well in this department as Polyester and  Spandex are naturally stretchable. So the sheets and clothes made from this fabric are bound to be stretchable.

In comparison to cotton sheets, I think the ball falls in the court of Sheex as cotton sheets are not stretchable, and then if they shrink it becomes a whole waste. So if you want stretchable sheets do opt for Sheex.

  • Feel and coziness-

The Sheex sheets are very soft, earlier I was a little skeptical about it as I don’t like the feel of Polyester but Sheex has done a pretty good job. The clothes and sheets feel amazing around your skin, they are extremely soft and cool. But some people just can’t adjust to something other than cotton or basically natural fiber and that’s why Sheex might not be a good option for them. I have read some Sheex reviews on Reddit where people have said that the sheets are amazing but they just can’t adapt to something other than cotton and you know what, I agree with them. I love Sheex products but they can’t replace cotton sheets and clothes for me.

  • Breathability-

Breathability is in the main motto of Sheex so it is mandatory that they deliver good results in this department. They say that their fabric is 10x breathable than cotton, I wouldn’t say 10x but definitely more breathable than cotton. The fabric is made to enhance the evaporation process so that it helps us stay cool, dry, and comfortable at night.

Sheex Durability

  • Colors-

I  don’t like dark colors in my bedroom, I usually prefer lighter colors. Dark colors don’t reflect light leading to the dimness in your room. My bedsheets are also of light colors one more reason why I like lighter colors is they are natural temperature insulators.  Sheex sheets and clothing have all pastel colors apart from black and navy blue. I really like their color palette as it is suitable for the bedroom and goes with all kinds of furniture.

And one more important thing is that the colors don’t run loose so basically if you want to wash them with some other clothes you can definitely do that and in case that really happens you need not worry about it a lot as the colors are not dark and won’t get stuck on other clothes.

Is Sheex Products Really Worth the price?

Now let’s see if Sheex Products are really worth the price. All products have different prices. But I can give you a general idea regarding the same. So the sheet sets cost from $150 to approx.$180 depending on the type. The comforters cost $300. The mattresses cost approximately $1000 and the sleepwear costs something around $50 to $80 per clothing item depending on the item.

Sheex Pricing Review

It’s clear from the prices that it’s not cheap or affordable but quite expensive. But you have to understand that it’s a luxury brand. So considering that it’s fine but if you are a little tight on money, I wouldn’t recommend this brand to you as you can get cotton sheets and clothes at a much cheaper rate. The products are definitely worth the money and also long-lasting but if you don’t need such costly and high-end products then it’s better not buying it. 

One more good thing is they have this 30-day return policy so you can try whether the fabric works for you or not but, of course, conditions apply to it. 

Pros & Cons of Sheex Products


  1. Breathable fabric.
  2. Stretchable and durable.
  3. It definitely keeps you cool at night.
  4. Wide range of products.
  5. Perfect for “hot sleepers”.
  6. Amazing color palette.
  7. Wrinkle-free


  1. No natural fiber
  2. It cannot replace cotton sheets.
  3. It does not keep you as cool as they promise.
  4. Some snagging issues.
  5. It can be irritable to your skin if you are used to cotton.
  6. Not that cozy and warm.
  7.  On the costlier side.

Delivery and Customer service of Sheex

They deliver all the products through their website all over the US and also to some locations outside of the US. The delivery time is completely dependent on your location but they are quite fast at delivering the products. Some products like mattresses are made to order so that might take a little more time.

You will get an email regarding all your purchases and you can contact them over Email if you have any issue. I have not had to worry about this but from what I have read, their replies are a little slow but they will surely get back to you.

Quick Links

Customer Reviews

  • Review by Theodore G. on 29 Jan 2020 review stating Very nice sheets!

These sheets feel as they were advertised. Nice and soft, cool and nice looking. They fit very well. I love them and definitely going to buy another set.

  • Terry.H. Heavenly softness!

Love our new set, very comfortable and super soft! Both my husband and I love it! And they don’t run! I have two cats, I thought it may be a problem, but not at all!

I got the set with the comforter and it’s perfect and truly no cover sheet needed! They’re very simple, so you may need to dress it up a bit! 😉

  • Review by Ann G. on 9 Jul 2019 review stating Just Amazing!!!

The company that my husband works for has relocated us to the US Virgin Islands temporarily and the heat and humidity are unreal!!! We have problems sleeping at night with our “good” sheets from home (Texas) since we only have a small ac window unit in the bedroom. When I pulled these sheets out of the box last night, my immediate thought was that …Read More

  • Review by Alvin H. on 17 Nov 2019 review stating Sheex 13

The sheets feel good. The fitted sheet fits well and stay on the mattress and doesn’t come off. The sheets are expense and I will have to save up before I can but another set.

Sheex Customer Reviews


👉How do you care for a Sheex?

Wash it like regular sheets in cold water and don’t use bleach. There is no need to iron them as they are wrinkle-free.

👉What is the Sheex fabric?

Sheex fabric is a combination of Polyester and Spandex. There is barely any natural fiber used.

👉Is Sheex expensive?

Yes, Sheex can be quite expensive but they are worth the price.

👉What Sheex feels like?

Sheex is quite soft and they can be closer to silk in terms of feel.

👉Is Sheex toxic?

No, Sheex is not toxic. Sometimes it may happen that the fabric is not suitable to your skin but they are not toxic.

Conclusion- Sheex Review 2021– Should You Buy It?

So since now, we have covered almost everything, we will just weigh the pros and cons so that you know whether Sheex is the right fit for you.




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