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Couches are an essential part of the furniture in every household. They not only enhance the interior of the house but also give a warm and welcoming vibe to the home. A comfier couch would draw the whole family to the living room, which in turn would mean spending more time with the family.

Lovesac brings you a variety of sectional couches, bean bags in an assortment of colors and fabrics, to suit your needs. So let’s get started with the LoveSac Review to know all the details.


LOVESAC Review 2021– All You Need To Know

LOVESAC: Overview

In 1995, the idea of the company was born in the form of the 8 feet wide, ‘Lovesac’; in the basement of Shawn Nelson- the company’s owner. While remarkable inventions were done in the world of technology, ‘Lovesac’ was rapidly progressing to become the most favorite bean bag of America, making a home in most offices, cinemas, and retail stores. Today, the company sells a variety of couches, modular sofas, and sectionals.

Lovesac Sactional Review

A company that has kept up with the demands of the world, they are the perfect blend of luxury and technology. Their ‘sacs’ one-up the traditional bean bags as they aren’t filled with beans or beads, but with their proprietary Durafoam and Lovesoft materials. 

On the other hand, ‘Sactionals’, as they call it, are a boon of self-sufficiency, an example of modularity at its finest! They are sold separately as seats and sides, which can be easily attached. You can customize your couch by buying them as per your need, adding, and subtracting along the way! 

What are the LOVESAC Sactionals?

Lovesac’s Sactionals are real-time Lego pieces which you need to assemble to get your sofa. With each piece sold separately, Lovesac offers a plethora of configurations and arrangements. All you need to do is buy additional seats, sides, or pillow covers, and you are good to play and experiment with your couch whenever you desire!

They are not just a sofa set, but an investment. Not only does the couch have modularity, but its lightweight packing and lifetime warranty also comes in handy even when you decide to move. So, you might be changing houses, but Lovesac Sactional stays with you for a lifetime!

LOVESAC Sactional Set up

Pros of Sactionals 

  • The hard pieces come with a lifetime warranty
  • Assembly is a cakewalk
  • A plethora of colors, materials, and designs to choose from
  • Most fabrics are machine washable
  • Free shipping and delivery on online orders


Cons Of Sactionals

  • Expensive as compared to other brands
  • Some people have complained of long delivery time
  • Customizations are not covered by warranty.

Why Buy a Modular Couch?

In today’s world of uncertainty, even a little bit of stability is worth a lot. With modular couches, the set-up is a child’s play and facilitates easy rearrangement whenever you desire. The longer you maintain your sectional, the more cost-effective it gets!

Firstly, as stated, they are extremely convenient. Add a seat there, remove aside here, and voila! In minutes you have converted it into a chaise lounge. Got guests at home and need extra bedding, a few shifts, and behold! Your sofa is now a bed!

However, a modular sofa does have some disadvantages.

  • If you are particularly used to the smooth long seat cushion of a traditional sofa, you might find the seams of this sofa slightly uncomfortable.
  • Also, there can be uneven wearing of hardware, used to keep the sofa secure. Sagging in arms is particularly common, as the body weight is concentrated on them. This might increase further if they are the sole connection point between pieces. 

Material and Design of LOVESAC Sofa-

Built to achieve modularity, Lovesac Sactionals are sold as separate parts which you can attach easily at home. You can configure and move them about whenever you need to change the look of your room.

Sactionals are ideal for everyone. If you are a young couple just starting your life, you can begin with a seat and side, cuddling with your partner. Add on seats and sides, as you and your family grow!

Legs of the LOVESAC Sofa

The Lovesac sofa doesn’t have legs. You rather get an inch or two long feet which are made of high- density MDF (medium-density fibreboard) with real wood veneer.

You are provided with ‘shoes’ and ‘U-clamps’ with your ensemble so that they stick together after set up. They are easy to detach and hence won’t cause you trouble when you are looking to do a couch makeover.

Shoes- To add to the height of the sofa and give it a more traditional look, squares divided evenly into four sections are provided. Named ‘shoes’ by the company, these squares have circular peg holes for the ‘feet’ of the sofa to fit in. Apart from adding height, they help in properly connecting the individual pieces. 

U-clamps- Along with the sofa pieces, you are also provided U-shaped clamps that help secure two seats together, when the alignment is such that the feet can’t be connected with a shoe. These U-clamps also connect the seat to the side.

Frame Design of LOVESAC Sofa

The seat is made using a series of materials that provide strength and ensure the longevity of your sofa.

  • The base is made of hardwood
  • Wound up steel springs for a strong framework
  • Italian webbing for increased support
  • High-density MDF plates
  • Plywood

The design is such that each seat can stand alone. This makes it versatile! You can use it as a part of the sofa or, substitute it for a loveseat or an ottoman.

Seat and Back Pillows of LOVESAC Sofa

The seat and the back cushions come in 3 filling materials:

  • Standard Foam: it is a layered high-density fill, with the central layer, providing support and keeping the seat lofty. The Standard back pillows have 3 vertical chambers of tightly woven, non-linen textiles. They have a 3-year warranty.
  • Down Blend: it is a unique mix of goose down and feathers with synthetic fibers. They keep the cushions lofty longer as compared to standard foam. Down back pillows comprise of 3 chambers of barrier fabric arranged horizontally. Lovesac offers a five-year warranty for down blend cushions.
  • Love soft: a material uniquely designed by Lovesac keeps your pillows lofty all year round without the need to fluff them. As per the company, Lovesoft is an embodiment of luxury, softness, and suppleness. The back pillows comprise of 3 horizontal chambers of barrier fabric of the same material. This too comes with a 5-year warranty.

A standard seat is 18” tall, 35” wide, 29” deep, and weighs 45 pounds, including the full assembly. Although, Lovesac has a lot more to offer with its seats!

Variations and Add-Ons 

Wedge Seat: 

Besides the standard cube seat, Lovesac also offers a wedge-shaped seat. This comes in the same variety of materials but offers better configurational options with its 45-degree angle.

Storage Insert:

When do we not require additional space for storage? No matter how huge your apartment is, one always wishes for a little bit of space to store something precious. These easy storage inserts provide room for storing blankets, covers, and cushions right below your sofa set. Adding an insert brings practically no change to the setting process and is just as easy. A fine example of convenience at its best!

Power Hub:

Lovesac is more than accomplished to keep up with trends of comfort and technology. Its latest new addition called a power hub can be attached to any 6-series sactionals side which suits you. Consisting of a 90 degree flat plug, 2 charging ports, and 2 VAC outlets, you have a charging point so close to you. With Power hub, it is time for your inner couch potato to rejoice! 

LOVESAC Power HubArms Design of LOVESAC Sofa

The Lovesac Sactional has 3 varieties of arms for you to choose from:

Standard: these rectangular shaped pieces can act as both back and arms for your couch.

Rolled: these add a traditional look to your couch.

Deep:  suited for taller people and lounging, the deep arms come in both standard and rolled types. They increase the depth of the sofa and can come handy if you go for storage insert seats.

Colors and Fabrics of Sofa

Lovesac offers you a catalog of more than 250 colors, material, and fabrics to choose from, for your sofa covers. Out of those, 189 are machine washable, 18 are dry clean only and 41 can only be spot clean. Nevertheless, we can say, that maintaining a Lovesac Sactional is super easy!

If you have kids running around your home, or you are clumsy and spill a lot, don’t worry! Lovesac’s got you covered! Just remove the covers and put them for a quick spin in the machine, you are as good as new again! 

Lovesac Color and Fabric

Lovesac has its covers made of organic materials that are hand-stitched. Their quality is beyond remarkable. With Lovesac, you are with a company that feels like home! Moreover, all the materials used in Lovesac is Environment Friendly.

The covers come with zippers which make them easy to remove and put back on. The company advises you to not out the covers in the dryer as it might shrink the fabric get difficult to put back on the cushions.

You can buy new sheets separately online, so whenever you need a couch makeover, you can simply change the covers for a new look. They have a 3-5 year warranty, terms and conditions applied, depending on the fabric of the cover. 

It is to be mentioned here, the company website also states that the warranty excludes accessories and unaccountable in the cases of:

  • Commercial or rental use
  • Damage due to pets
  • Fading of color
  • Failure of following washing instructions
  • Damage caused by burns
  • Odors
  • Molds
  • Ink stains
  • Natural disasters
  • Body fluids, etc.

Moreover, Lovesac offers you 5 varieties of covers as a free trial so you can check out which option suits you best.

What is theProcedure to Buy Lovesac Sactional Sofa?

Place your Order

First Step is to Place your order. You can either visit your closest showroom and check out a Sactional yourself, or you can place your order online as per your preferences.

You have a plethora of options and categories to choose from. For example:

  1. Select cover: Lovesac offers more than 250 colors and fabrics which are machine-washable and easy to maintain. They also come with a 3-5 year warranty depending on the material.
  2. Choose an arm type: you can choose from Standard, Rolled, and Deep.
  3. Select fill: choose among Standard, Downblend, or Love soft.
  4. Add pieces: this is an optional place.

Once you are done, everything is added to your cart and make payments for your Sactional. Within two days, your order is ready to be shipped.


Lovesac ships their online orders for free and the delivery time can vary from 2-3 weeks, depending on your location. 

Delivery and Set up

The Sactional is delivered with each piece packed separately. The packing is fool-proof to keep the product safe from mechanical shock and harsh climatic conditions. The cushions are tucked under the base, strapped by Velcro. It is extremely easy to remove and handle. All you need to do is watch the online video showing the set-up process. Just like joining Lego blocks, within an hour, depending on your skills, you’ve got your Sactional ready!

Trials and Returns

Lovesac has a free 60-day trial period for its Sactional couches. They want you to get suited to it before you invest in your furniture. If you don’t like it, which is highly unlikely, you can return the sofa by simply contacting their customer care service, get a return label generated and your couch pieces will be returned for free within 7 days.

Finally, 100% of your money will be refunded as soon as they receive confirmation of your return.

LOVESAC Sofa- Pricing Review

Below given is the pricing of the different LOVESAC Sofas depending on their lengths and sides.

  • 2 seats + 4 sides- $2000
  • 3 seats + 4 sides- $2520
  • 3 seats + 5 sides- $2760
  • 4 seats + 4 sides- $3040
  • 4 seats + 5 sides- $3280
  • 5 seats + 5 sides- $3800
  • 6 seats + 6 sides- $4560
  • 6 seats + 8 sides- $5040
  • 7 seats + 8 sides- $5560
  • 8 seats + 10 sides- $6560
  • 10 seats + 12 sides- $8080


Types of SACS Available on LOVESAC?

As the brand’s name suggests, ‘Sacs’ are the heart of Lovesac. Filled with recycled Durafoam, these Sacs are so much more than a traditional bean bag. They came in many sizes, fitting from one to four persons at a time. Once you get a sac of your own, in no time it will claim to be the favorite seat of the house!

Although more expensive than regular bean bags, Sacs are worth every penny of their price. Not only do they provide comfort, but they are also protectors of the environment, as the material used to make a Sac is recycled memory foam. Yes, you read it right! Memory foam means it contours according to your body shape as your bottom touches the material, whether you are sitting up or lying down. It gives your sac an airy, light feel, and also supports body weight.

With love Sacs, you come the closest to floating amongst clouds! The Sacs too come in over 250 colors and machine washable fabrics. They have double overlock stitching for strong seams and double zippers to keep the filling safe inside.

The sacks come in six sizes, each of which are reviewed below:

The BigOne

This 6’wide and 4’tall sac weighs 95 lbs and can easily fit up to four people. When your entire family can cuddle together during movie nights, the BigOne is like a mini fortress in itself. Its unique Durafoam provides pressure relief when you lie down and supports your spine well, with you are sitting. 

BigOne Sac

You can get it in whichever cover choice, like, 100% polyester velvet, synthetic fur, to name a few.  

Price: $1300

The SuperSac

The SuperSac is Lovesac’s most popular sac. It can fit up to 3 people, or two large people who are big on snuggling. It is 5 feet wide, 3 feet 10 inches high, and weighs 75 lbs. With its fur covers and Durafoam filling, they are soft and fluffy to sit in. Although, some customers have complained requiring more fluffiness.


Price: $1000 

The MovieSac

With its dimensions being, 4’W×3’7” H, the MovieSac fits two people or one large person. It weighs 45 lbs and can replace an ottoman or loveseat without taking much space. Even though some customers say it’s too stuffed up, the MovieSac is close to perfect.

Price: $850


The PillowSac

As the name suggests, the PillowSac is uniquely designed to resemble a triangular pillow. This plush and sleek design is ideal for those who crave a lounge chair feel and the Durafoam helps to retain the shape. With over 160 cover designs and materials, it can fit into any room design. It is 4’wide×6’3” long, easily accommodating a tall person. Although, you might not find it as comfortable for sitting as for laying down.

Price: $650


The CitySac

It is one person bean bag chair with the dimensions of 3’W×3’3” H and weighs 35lbs. if you are a lone wolf, big on kicking back and enjoying a fantastic novel with a steaming cup of coffee, on a weekend; with the CitySac, you’ll feel as if you are in heaven!

Price: $550


The GamerSac

The smallest of the sacs, it weighs 22lbs, is 2’6” wide and 2’8” tall. This too is a one-person bean bag chair, for sitting and watching movies, or as the name goes, playing video games. Its Durafoam filling and fur cover, provide exceptional pressure relief and prevent sore backs and buttocks. Thereby, making it the best choice for gamers.

Price: $350


Lovesacs are fluffier than most bean bag chairs. Each sac might differ in their blend of Durafoam and Lovesoft, they range midway between the firm and squishy. Adequately supporting your spine and keeping you snug, without losing their shape.

Despite their high-end prices, Lovesac products last longer and provide greater comfort as compared to other brands. Their hand-weaved covers, give your furniture a homier vibe! 

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Customer Reviews

  • Love love love!- By Assia

I live in a studio apartment but wanted a sofa that was sturdy and comfy. My back and my knees can’t handle any more low-seated sofas. The sactional is ideal because it can look modern (or traditional) depending on the sides you buy, also I love that my dog can lounge on the fabric and everything is machine washable! Once I’m in a bigger place I will buy more seats and sides! So happy with my purchase!

  • Love- By Gabby

So we were expecting our sactional to come in the mail 1-2 weeks as it said online. It came within 5 days of ordering! We were so excited! The only thing that was missing was one of our side covers. I called customer service and they sent one out within a couple of days! When we called they were so nice. This couch is not like anything I’ve ever sat on.

  • Not as comfortable as it could be!- By Liz

Sits too low, back pillows to plump. I am trying to figure out how to change out the feet for more height. The height makes my knees hurt and makes my husband’s back hurt.

  • This thing is a life changer!- By Jenn

I have a bad back and hip so it really hard for me to get comfortable. Then I purchased this, and I haven’t felt this good in YEARS!

  • Best Money Ever Spent on something for our house- By Epi Steph

My husband and I bought one of these for our house a couple of years ago and loved every minute we had with it. Unfortunately, we lost everything in a house fire about 8 months after getting it, and have missed having it ever since!

LOVESAC Customer Reviews


👉What is the best Lovesac fabric for pets?

If you own pets, the best fabric choices for you would be leather and poly-linen. Lovesac offers these fabrics in a collection of classy colors. While poly-linen is machine washable, leather will have to be spot cleaned. They are comfortable for both you and your pet. Moreover, these fabrics do not cumulate pet hair and hence always smell fresh and stay hygienic.

👉How comfortable are Lovesac sectionals?

Comfort is subjective and differs from person to person. If you are heavy, then you might find the sectional to sag while if you are too light, you might find the sofa to be firm. Although, most people have found Lovesac sactionals to be comfortable and optimum for their household. You can try out them in any showroom. Moreover, Lovesac has an assortment of over 250 fabrics for your sofa cover, so you can easily get a material which best suits you!

👉Is Lovesac good quality?

A big yes! Lovesac is a company that has kept itself up to date with the trends of the world. They use technology to create high-quality materials, not only giving you feel of luxe and comfort but also last long. Their trademarked ‘Durafoam’ and ‘Lovesoft’ couch fillers are eco-friendly. They melt 'pressure points' and stay fluffy all year round. Also, their cover fabrics are hand-stitched and come with a warranty of 3-5 years, whereas, their hard pieces have a lifetime warranty. But with their excellent raw materials and sophisticated design, it’ll be years before you call for a replacement!

👉What is the Lovesac Costco deal?

Partnered with Costco, Lovesac frequently holds a sale for you to hoard up with Lovesac furniture and accessories. Check out the official website of Costco to find out when is the next sale closest to you!

Conclusion- LOVESAC Review 2021– Should You Buy It?

As the name says – LOVESAC is perfect for couples or even singles who want the feeling to be loved. It is so cozy and comfortable that you would not need a pillow because the bean bag chair is so comfortable that it allows you to rest comfortably wherever you wish to. You can sleep in any position.

Although LoveSac does not have its own production most of it is made in China. LoveSac’s have a lot of things to offer along with their soothing name which gives you the assurity to be loved. It is a highly recommended product from my end.


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