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About KAYA

The KAYA Mattress is a result of the organization KAYA Sleep, a standout amongst the most energizing new companies to have risen a year ago. The brand intends to furnish individuals with bedding that is exceedingly agreeable, while in the meantime ensuring it’s sufficiently sturdy to keep going longer.

Made of eco-accommodating materials, KAYA conveys great thickness froth layers to the table, coordinated with a sponsored by-inquire about loop framework to deliver premium beddings and meet the prerequisites and necessities of the larger part of sleepers.

Why Kaya mattress?

The organization behind the KAYA sleeping pad cases to give clients an unparalleled solace level, weight help, great skip, and strong help. It is extravagance half and half bedding implanted with five layers to suit diverse places of dozing, paying little heed to one’s weight and size.

The organization prides its Thermo Gel-mixed beddings, wherein sleepers will have cool evenings rather than hot ones, which is the inclination for generally sleeping pads.

The Kaya bedding is an incredible mixture display that offers the better of the two universes for sleepers — a cool, agreeable, responsive adaptable foam dozing surface bolstered by a stashed curl base for awesome weight help and insignificant movement exchange. Its low-value point, long free time for testing, and 20-year guarantee make it the best contender in the crossbreed sleeping cushion space.


  • Hybrid configuration offers the solace of adaptable foam with the help of a stashed curl base
  • Low value focuses convey extravagance bedding on a financial plan
  • The 120-night free trial gives you a lot of time to attempt it chance free
  • Extra comfortable
  • Cooler than other contending sleeping pads
  • Affordable
  • Low smell; negligible off-gassing
  • Low discharges of VOC (unstable natural compound)
  • Free of phthalates, formaldehyde, lead, and mercury
  • Approved by CertiPUR-US®
  • The sheets stay put on the sleeping pad
  • Thicker than general bedding
  • Firmness that is perfect
  • Free of latex
  • Made in the USA
  • Free sending and has a guarantee of 20 years

How comfortable is a Kaya Mattress?

Strong, cool, and agreeable throughout the night. Knowing your sleeping pad is made of top-notch materials is essential. Obviously, comfort is additionally similarly imperative, and that is the thing that this area of this Kaya sleeping pad survey is about.

In general, this sleeping cushion is steady in all the correct ways. The loop base will alleviate weight, which makes it phenomenal in case you’re managing firm or sore muscles. With a medium-firm feel of around a 6 out of 10, the Kaya will work for most rest positions, yet is particularly useful for back sleepers because of the greater part of the additional help that is accessible.

  • Firmness: Medium firm bests portray a Kaya sleeping cushion. On a size of one to ten, Kaya rests easily at around a six. Along these lines, what you have is something that is firm however not excessively firm. It’s sufficiently delicate to be agreeable and sufficiently firm to be strong.
  • Sinkage: Kaya offers a full edge to edge steel loop base. On account of this, you can expect amazing edge bolster. It additionally implies you’ll have the capacity to encounter a steady and agreeable rest surface.
  • Motion Transfer: The froth and loop half and half development limits movement exchange. This implies there will be a slight, agreeable skip without you feeling each development made by anybody on the bed. With everything taken into account, it’s a decent sleeping pad for couples.



The principal thing we expected to do with our new KAYA sleeping cushion is removed it from the crate and get it set up. It should appear acceptable at your entryway and in a genuinely conservative box, for a sleeping cushion in any case. Getting it to where it needs to go will take two arrangements of hands, it is 100+ lbs of thick materials. When you get it to where you’ll be thinking about should just take a couple of minutes to get it out of the crate and remove it from the plastic and wake up.

During the unpacking procedure, you may see a touch of off-gassing yet it ought to be extremely negligible. With most boxed sleeping pads there will be a tad of smell at first. When it is permitted to unroll and come to fruition it ought to disperse. It ought to be fine inside a couple of hours however in the event that you are more touchy to specific odors giving it breathe a chance to up to 12 hours would likely be a smart thought.



The KAYA half breed bedding has a perfect medium to medium-firm feel. This will fall appropriate around a 6 on a size of 1 to 10. 1 being the mildest and 10 the firmest. It ought to be awesome bedding for each resting position. It will be incredible for back sleepers, sufficiently enabling help and enough sink to mitigate weight and make a rest surface that supports your lumbar and shoulders.

The mattress will likewise work extremely well for a side sleeper as well, enabling a lot of pad to permit shoulder and hip and to soak in. This bedding is even useful for stomach sleepers, on the grounds that even with the best couple of layers of solace froth the loop framework has a lot of help to hold yours again from bowing.

Movement Transfer

In this part of the KAYA sleeping pad audit, we go over movement exchange. This sleeping pad is a half and half bedding those utilizations independently wrapped curls for the center emotionally supportive network and secured with 3 layers that make up 4″ of froth. This sleeping cushion may have a touch of vibrations while moving yet shouldn’t be troublesome. The loop framework independently wraps each curl in texture which alone will extraordinarily diminish any movement exchange.

It additionally has 1″ of responsive froth, 2″ of thick adaptable foam and 1″ of progress froth. The froths will ingest the greater part of vibrations and make for exceptionally negligible movement exchange to be felt. This bedding ought to be awesome for any individual who shares a bed along these lines; there will be little aggravation while getting in and out of bed.

Dozes Cool

The KAYA bedding has a couple of highlights that will help in keeping the sleeping pad as cool as you require it to be. The loop framework takes into consideration bolster and also a lot of airflow and breathability. Bedding with a loop framework will be the best alternative for warm sleepers. This is on the grounds that you will get a lot of wind stream and warmth dispersal that you won’t get with an all froth sleeping pad.

The froths utilized as a part of the best solace layers of this sleeping pad likewise use breathable froths that assistance ease warm maintenance as well

Edge Support

The edge bolsters on the KAYA half breed bedding is extremely steady and makes a strong, edge to edge usable rest surface. This sleeping pad goes the additional mile in making a thicker, tough edge. The curl framework is an improved stashed loop framework that makes the edge around the sleeping pad steadier.


This bedding is evaluated at $1195 for a ruler size. It likewise incorporates free conveyance, a 120-night rest trial, and a 20-year guarantee.

The top of the line materials, perfect solace and every one of the subtle elements that go into this sleeping pad make it an awesome esteem. This bed truly checks all the cases and goes above and beyond many of its rivals for quality. You will get a stunning sleeping pad at an awesome value that makes it a take on an arrangement.


The KAYA half and half sleeping cushion is an 11″ bedding with 4 layers add up to. It is secured with a Thermo Gel Infused cover that isn’t just delicate and extends pleasantly finished the bedding, yet in addition, helps keep the bed cool. This smooth best uses propelled innovation to ensure it is cool where it matters most.

The primary layer of froth is 1″ of 5lb Responsive high thickness froth. This layer is strong yet simple to proceed onward and gives an extraordinary inclination that is agreeable and has quite recently enough reaction.

Under that is the second layer of froth. This is 2″ of 4lb Memory Foam. This thick and molding froth is ideal for perfect weight help and even weight appropriation. This superb froth works incongruity with the best layer for the ideal harmony amongst embracing and responsiveness.

What Makes The Kaya Mattress Special?

The exceedingly stable base layer with the curls gives this sleeping pad incredible edge support and body molding. It additionally discredits the impacts of movement exchange. This implies the sleeping cushion is extraordinary for couples, as you won’t feel your accomplice on the off chance that they move around during the evening.

This is likewise incredible bedding for you in the event that you mull over your side. The responsive froth will conform to your shape and pad your weight focuses on the goal that your spine can remain adjusted, and your hips and shoulders will be supported. The KAYA bedding is a medium-supportive sleeping pad which is right now the most prevalent solidness choice.

Since there are more than 1,000 took curls inside the sleeping cushion, this makes it significantly sturdier and tough. Since KAYA is putting forth a 20-year guarantee, it appears that they are extremely positive about the nature of this sleeping cushion and trust it will keep going for quite a while.

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Conclusion- [Updated March 2020] KAYA Mattress Promo Codes

KAYA mattress offers the best of what a froth bedding and a half and half coal bring to the table. Its vibe is an extraordinary adjust of adaptable foam sleeping cushions and innerspring beddings, as well.

Concerning its immovability, being not very delicate or hard, most sleepers will think that it is agreeable. Support is extraordinary in any dozing position, and its reaction and bounciness are perfect also. Sinkage is exceptionally negligible, and edge bolster is dynamite, giving sufficiently adequate of space to rest.

Another significant component is the Thermo Gel to deal with hot evenings or days on the off chance that you rest while the sun is up. It ensures warm won’t irritate your rest.

Enjoy the KAYA mattress promo codes and save money on the plans.




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